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At KARA Beauty Lounge & Medspa, we offer a range of personalized services to nurture beauty, balance, and well-being. Our integrative treatments unite ancient healing arts with advanced technologies for visible, lasting results.

KARA Wellness

Treatments for Your Mind, Body & Spirit

Acupuncture - Restore Your Flow

Let us identify blocked energy and imbalances. Our initial assessment guides us in placing fine needles along meridians to get your Qi flowing freely again. You’ll feel re-energized and restored.
Initial Acupuncture $160 | Follow-up $120 | Package of 5 $550

Facial Acupuncture (AcuFacial) - Turn Back Time

See a more youthful you emerge as we use specialized needles to gently boost collagen, circulation, and glow. Combat fine lines, wrinkles, and dullness with this natural fountain of youth.

Initial Facial Acupuncture $295 | Follow-up $295 | Package of 5 $1400

INDIBA Acupuncture Pain Treatment - Relieve Your Pain

Experience deeper healing down to your roots. INDIBA’s gentle warmth amplifies each acupressure point, releasing pain and restoring health to injuries, headaches, monthly cycles, anxiety, and more.

1 Session $295

Cupping Therapy - Release What No Longer Serves

Feel the grip of stored tension melts away as our massage cups lightly suction your skin. Improved blood flow eases sore muscles and stagnation – physically and emotionally. Breathe deeper.

1 Session $150 | Package of 5 $600

Goong (궁) Wellness - Support Your Feminine Center

Ancient therapies align your feminine center through tailored acupuncture, soothing heat, herbs, and massage. Improving reproductive health, hormones, fertility, PMS symptoms, and menstrual issues.

1 Session $300

IV Drip Therapy

Infuse Your Body with Wellness

Personalized Vitamin IV Drip Therapy - Fill Your Reserves

Let us create a custom vitamin blend to flood your body with immunity, energy, mood-boosting and anti-aging nutrients. Feeling depleted? This infusion will revive you.


Glutathione IV Drip Therapy - Master Antioxidant for Healing & Youth

Our superhero glutathione slows aging, fortifies immunity, and ushers toxins out through its IV delivery system. Skin glows. Energy lifts. Recovery accelerates.


NAD+ IV Drip Therapy - Discover Renewed Vitality

Combat aging at the cellular level! NAD+, a powerhouse coenzyme, revitalizes energy and cognition plus reduces inflammation. Experience tailored anti-ageing benefits in just 150 mins! Elevate your well-being—schedule your NAD+ infusion now and embrace a rejuvenated you!
150 minutes $700

Glutathione Booster Shot - Quick Immunity Lift

When you need a fast-acting pick-me-up, our glutathione shot prevents fatigue, enhances mental clarity, and shields your body in this immune-boosting therapy.


Placenta Booster Shot - Replenish Your Radiance

Derived from the most vital tissues, our placenta shots renew skin, balance hormones, grow lush hair, and strengthen brittle nails. Your inner and outer glow are restored.


KARA Beauty

Facials – Renewed, Refined & Rejuvenated

KARA’s Mila D’Opiz Facial - Botanical Bliss

Immerse your skin in the finest natural Swiss extracts. Cleansed, polished, and nourished, your complexion is left hydrated, smooth, and luminous.

• Sensitive Skin - Calm and Soothe

Pamper your delicate skin with our feather-light Nourish and Calm facial. Let the calming essences of Aloe Vera, Bisabolol, and Panthenol gently kiss your skin, soothing away redness, and irritation. The perfect indulgence after sun-kissed days, this facial tenderly purifies, nourishing your complexion with the premium botanicals of Mila D’Opiz Swiss Beauty.

• Skin Clear - Restore Clarity

Reveal your natural radiance with our Skin Clear facial. This pampering treatment gently sweeps away blemishes and impurities with the clarifying formulas of Mila D’Opiz. Your skin is left fresh and glowing, free of congestion. Delicate extractions, tailored serums, and soothing masks restore clarity and balance to your complexion.

• Hyaluronic4 - Plump and Smooth

Plump and smooth your skin with our deeply hydrating Hyaluronic 4 facial. Four types of hyaluronic acid infuse your skin with luscious moisture, ironing out fine lines. This decadent treatment boosts collagen and elasticity using the revitalizing science of Mila D’Opiz. Emerge renewed, your skin soft and dewy.

Anti-Aging Facial – Turn Back the Clock

Recapture your youthful vitality! Potent peptides, antioxidants, and plant stem cells join forces to soften lines, even skin tone, and restore that natural glow.

• Swiss Vitamin Brightening Powder - Renew Radiance

Rejuvenate your complexion with our sublime Phyto Deluxe facial. This luxurious, anti-aging treatment infuses your skin with nature’s essences – potent apple stem cells, nourishing comfrey, and skin-renewing phyto-complexes. Let the botanical science of Mila D’Opiz smooth away fine lines and lift your skin. Emerge radiant and restored.


• Phyto Deluxe Stem Cell Lifting - Lift and Firm

Rejuvenate your complexion with our sublime Phyto Deluxe facial. This luxurious, anti-aging treatment infuses your skin with nature’s essences – potent apple stem cells, nourishing comfrey, and skin-renewing phyto-complexes. Let the botanical science of Mila D’Opiz smooth away fine lines and lift your skin. Emerge radiant and restored.


• Eternal Youth – Unlock Timeless Beauty

Unlock timeless beauty with our indulgent Eternal Youth facial. Award-winning Skin Whisperer products deeply nourish, regenerate, and soothe your complexion. Drawing on the beautifying power of Alpine roses, argan, and Phyto Cells, this treatment softens away lines and damage. Relax as your skin is caressed into its most youthful bloom.


Acne Treatment - Clear the Congestion

We balance and heal blemish-prone skin with deep-cleansing botanicals and specialized masks. Breakouts fade away, revealing the clear, confident you.
Starts at $300

KARA HydraFacial - Quench Your Thirsty Skin

This rejuvenating treatment infuses skin with hyaluronic acid and antioxidants for instant dewy hydration. Fine lines plump up. Dullness washes away.
Starts at $295
+ Boost
+ Mask

KARA INDIBA Deep Facial - Contour & Lift

Radiofrequency waves stimulate collagen to lift, firm, and contour your facial features. Laugh lines soften. Sagging lifts. Eyes open wide.

Starts at $175

Microneedling Facial (MTS) - Texture & Tone Refinement

Collagen production ramps up as tiny needles improve texture, pores, scars, and tone. Your complexion emerges renewed and silky smooth.


Body - Pamper & Polish

KARA Method Swedish Massage - Melt Your Stress Away

Breathe deep as our therapeutic techniques dissolve tension and discomfort. Long, flowing strokes increase circulation, leaving you relaxed, limber, and renewed.

Aroma Hot Stone Massage - Warm Your Spirit

Smooth, heated stones glide over the body, melting tight spots as aromatic oils waft through the air. Stress evaporates in this tranquil oasis.

KARA Lymphatic Drainage Massage - Detox & Refresh

Specialized rhythmic movements stimulate circulation to flush out toxins and lift your mood. Bloating diminishes as your body resets.

Starts at $250

INDIBA Deep Body Treatment - Contour & Refine

Radiofrequency waves heat and tighten loose skin while smoothing cellulite and stretch marks over a series of sessions. Your shape is sculpted. Our treatment focus areas are Cellulite, Abdomen, Legs and Arms, Breasts, and more depends on your unique needs.

Starts at $225


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